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Exercises for Mountain Bikers

By incorporating some specific exercises for mountain biking, you can make your ride much easier and enjoyable

So, you’ve decided you’re in Fort Collins, right next to the mountains, why not get a mountain bike and take advantage of all the amazing weather and single-track trails right in your backyard? You run to your local bike shop, spend more money than you thought you ever would on a bike and cycling gear,…

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Mental Health and Exercise

exercise can help boost your mental health

Is it possible to improve your mental health through exercise and establishing a great fitness routine? The short answer is yes. Exercise is by far one of the best ways for you to boost your mental health and push it to the next level. It’s also exciting, a lot of fun, and it will make…

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Quick Fitness Tips For Your 40s


As you creep past 40, you may start thinking about how to improve your fitness help improve your health. While it may appear difficult it is not hopeless. There is no magic formula that will work for everyone, however, there are plenty of fitness tips that you can apply to see if they help you.…

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The Benefits of Strong Core Muscles

Why do you need to know the benefits of strong core muscles? Do you know the true meaning of core muscle strength? Many people are unaware about the importance of core muscles, and they are also not aware of how to sufficiently build core strength. First, let’s talk about why strong core muscles are so imperative…

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Exercise Equipment: When Treadmills Act Like Clothes Hangers

Don't let your treadmill or any other type of exercise equipment become your clothes hanger!

Have you ever gone to the store and bought a piece of home exercise equipment? When’s the last time you’ve seen a TV commercial that shows the latest and greatest contraption to get “a flat stomach, toned body and muscular arms?” Did you feel the urge to join the other millions of satisfied customers who…

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Compound Exercises and Isolation Exercises

Squats are a perfect example of compound exercises.

For most beginners looking to begin a workout routine, they are faced with the seemingly difficult task of choosing to use compound exercises or isolation exercises. There are many differences between isolation and compound exercises. It is important to realize the difference between the two exercises and how to benefit from them because both forms…

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Traditional Chinese Medicine and Workout Recovery

Acupuncture is another example of traditional Chinese medicine that can help you recover from workouts!

By Terry Fox, L.Ac, RMT I have to admit that this is my first time guesting on a blog. I am quite honored that Dennis asked me to be a contributor for Core Fitness and Nutrition to write about recovering from workouts with traditional Chinese medicine. For those of you unfamiliar with me, my expertise…

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Working with a Workout Partner

Find a workout partner to keep things interesting in your routine!

As I work with my personal fitness training clients in Fort Collins, I hear things-a lot of things, actually about my clients and their lives. I hear about their kids, their neighbors’ barking dogs, and their work. I also hear them ask about workout partners while they are training with me. They ask, “Do you…

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